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Three beautiful mountain dulcimers that I feel honored to play:
"EleMae"    "Mari Rose"    "Rainbow"

"EleMae" by Modern Mountain

Curly Koa back, sides & top; Ebony fretboard & head overlay; self-trimming tuners; chromatic fretboard; double bottom for better sound projection
(Nov 2008) #1462 (25.5 in. VSL)

With gratitude to my mom, Eleanor May, for whom this dulcimer is named

Born on a Hot August Night  (mp3)
Audio recording of live student concert performance at PSGW, Port Orchard, WA on 7-31-13. Song composed and arranged by me in honor of daughter, Linda Gleisner (8-2-66 to 6-14-09).
Jeannie Myers, vocals/dulcimer; Julian Smedley, fiddle; Cara Luft, guitar.
(c) April 2013 Jeannie M. Myers



"Mari Rose" by Bonnie Carol

Quilted Maple with Rosewood bindings & fingerboard overlay
(June 2008) #380 (24.5 in. VSL)

With gratitude to Aunt Marie who made owning this dulcimer possible



"Rainbow" by
Mike Clemmer

"Sweetie" church model with Walnut back and sides and Butternut top; Ebony fretboard overlay; chromatic finger board
(Apr 2012) #TS5001c (23 in. VSL)

In memory of my daughter,

Linda Jean, for whom this

dulcimer is named