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Browse hand-crafted, unique earrings specially priced for Internet shoppers! All jewelry is fashioned by Jeannie Myers from top-quality components. Metals used are either sterling silver, gold-fill, silver-plate, or gold-plate (on brass, no nickel). *The earring length shown with some pairs is measured from the ear wire loop to the bottom of the earring.

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Easy to buy these earrings   See purchase details at bottom of page

Turquoise beads with all natural copper beads, metals, and earwires
$14  [#720b]

Aventurine hearts & beads, tiny Swarovski crystals; GP (on brass) earwires
$12  [#388]

Givre marbled glass, tiny rondelles; available in silver or gold-plate (on brass)
$10  [#392]

Swarovski chakra color crystals; available in silver or gold-plate (on brass)
[*1-1/4"]  $13  [#1024]

Elegant freshwater pearls, sterling silver earwires; available in GP (on brass)
[*5/8"]  $10  [#782a]

Lamp glass oval beads, Swarovski crystals; GP (on brass) earwires
[*1-1/2"]  $14  [#246]

Sardonyx flat tubes, white cat's eye beads; SP (on brass) earwires
$12  [#230]

Lamp glass blue/black "bugs" with Onyx beads, GP (on brass) earwires
SOLD OUT / $12  [#245]

Abalone ovals & light blue Quartz rice beads, SP (on brass) earwires
$12  [#229]

Turquoise hearts & beads, Swarovski crystals, SP (on brass) earwires
SOLD OUT / $15  [#366]

Turquoise tubes & beads, black Onyx beads; SP (on brass) earwires
[*1-1/2"]  $11  [#313a]

Blue Onyx and Howlite with pretty glass beads; GP (on brass) earwires
[*1-1/16"]  $10  [#1049]

Amethyst, Fluorite, Opalite with silvery accents; SP (on brass) earwires
[*1-1/16"]  $11  [#310]

Abalone chunks & blue-gray Swarovski crystals; sterling silver earwires

$11  [#783c]

Garnets on 3 drops of gold-fill chain, GP (on brass) earwires
[*1-1/2"]  $14  [#756]

Onyx rectangles & black Swarovski crystals; SP (on brass) earwires

$12  [#561a]


Choose your earrings and contact me to arrange payment method.  I can email you a PayPal invoice for secure payment, or you can mail me a check. Jewelry mailed from California to continental USA only. Shipping/handling: $4/pair. Sales tax: 8.0% in California.